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Norethisterone Tablets consultation

Please fill in the questionnaire below. Any information provided will be kept confidential and will only be seen by a prescriber. These questions are designed to give our prescriber enough information to make a decision on whether the treatment is suitable, please fill them in truthfully.

*Brand may vary. Brand shown is for illustrative purposes only. Norethisterone Tablets 5mg 30

Norethisterone Tablets 5mg , 30



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What are Norethisterone tablets?

Norethisterone tablets have multiple uses but can be used by women who wish to delay their period. They can delay them for up to 17 days and are the generic version of Utovlan tablets.
Norethisterone belongs to a group of medicines called Progestogens.
Norethisterone period delay tablets are taken three days before the start of your period and taken until you wish to stop delaying it, up to a maximun of 17 days. Your period will usually restart as normal three days after completeing the course.
You cannot stop a period that has already started, you must start these tablets before your period starts.
While taking Norethisterone your period will completely stop and it will usually stop all period associated symptoms.
Norethisterone can also be taken to treat:

  1. Heavy periods
  2. Painful periods
  3. Irregular periods or periods that are more frequent than normal
  4. Premenstrual tension (PMT)
  5. Endometriosis
  6. Breast cancer

There is no criteria to meet as to why you want to delay your period. You can take this medication to help delay your period for any reason you want such as, you're going on holiday, have painful periods or have an important event such as a wedding or pilgrimage. It is important to note that this medication is only designed to delay your period temporarily and not for use for long periods of time. If you find your periods are difficult to deal with, speak with your doctor to discuss other alternative treatments.
You should also note they are also not guaranteed to stop your period but will stop them in most cases in most women when taken correctly.

How to take Norethisterone

The does depends on what you are taking it for. For the purposes of period delay it is:
Start taking this medication 3 days before your period is due and take ONE 5mg tablet THREE times a day. This can be taken with or without food. Continue taking the tablets until you wish to stop delaying your period. On stopping the tablets your period should restart within 2 - 3 days.
30 tablets will be enough to delay your period for 7 days.
60 tablets will be enough to delay your period for 17 days.
If you accidentally take too many tablets you should contact your doctor straight away to discuss your options.
It is important to note Norethisterone is not a contraceptive pill and therefore you must use other forms of contraception, if you do not want to become pregnant.
Norethisterone cannot be taken alongside the combined contraceptive pill if you wish to delay your period while taking a combined contraceptive pill, you can take them back-to-back.
If you miss a dose take a dose as soon as you remember, unless your next dose is due, in which case skip the missed dose. If you miss a dose you may notice some light bleeding.

How to buy Norethisterone tablets online

You can use our online prescription service to buy Norethisterone 5mg tablets online in the UK free and next day discreet delivery. We also offer same day collection on orders if you are lucky enough to be close-by and need them urgently. We are a regulated GPhC registered pharmacy based in the UK in Merseyside. Any website that claims to sell these tablets without a prescription is operating illegally and you could be purchasing counterfeit / fake tablets.
Upon completion of your order, our independent prescriber will then review your online assessment. If your assessment is approved, our pharmacy team will then receive a prescription and dispense your order, which will be dispatched the same day using your chosen delivery method.

Missed period causes

If you miss a period after you stop taking the tablets it is not a cause for concern. Missed periods can be caused by pregnany but also various other reasons such as stress, too much exercise, sudden weight loss, weight gain or the menopause. It is important you get the reason checked out if you do miss a period to rule out any other more serious conditions.
Always keep in mind that it will not provide you with any contraception, you will still need to use another method of contraception while taking the tablets to prevent pregnancy such as condoms.

Period delay tablets

There are multiple ways to delay your period such as taking the combined contraceptive pill back-to-back, other forms of contraception, such as the injection or the Mirena coil can make them lighter or stop them altogether. Provera (medroxyprogesterone) is a synthetic progestogen which are also commonly used to delay periods, this would have to be prescribed 'off-label' as they are not currently licensed for the use of delaying periods. You can buy period delay tablets from Hightown Pharmacy, currently we only stock Utovlan/Norethisterone for the purposes of period delay.
Period delay tablets can delay your period if it is due to start during an inconvenient time, such as when you go on holiday, weddings or to travel etc.
Period delay tablets are usually taken three times per day and to work they should be taken three days before your period is due. They will continue to delay your period for two to four days and you should start bleeding as normal after this time and your cycles should continue as normal. If you do not get your period, you should take a pregnancy test and contact your GP.

How it works

Norethisterone is a type of medicine called a progestogen. Progestogens are hormones that are similar to the hormone progesterone, which is produced naturally by the body. Before a period starts progesterone levels will usually fall causing the uterus to shed its lining. When taken norethisterone keeps these levels from falling disrupting the normal menstrual cycle and maintains the womb lining, delaying the period until the tablets are stopped.
As well as delaying the period this can provide relief from symptoms associated with periods such as bloating, abdominal cramps, changes in mood and changes in energy levels.

Are period delay tablets safe?

When used for a short length of time Norethisterone is safe for most women, but it should not be taken regularly for period delay purposes, the dose should not be exceeded and it should be taken for as short a period as possible to a maximum of 17 days.
Note: These tablets cannot be used by some people with certain conditions or on some medications, please see below or the SPC for more information.
You should ideally have a blood pressure test before taking this medication to make sure your blood pressure is not high (140/90mmHg).
You should also ideally have a pregnancy test to make sure you are not pregnant before starting this medication.

Will the tablets work?

Most women that take Norethisterone find that it will successfully prevent their period from starting until they stop taking then. However, in some cases some women find they have spotty or breakthrough bleeding while taking the tablets. Starting the tablets late i.e. two days before your period is due rather than three days, will greatly increase your chance of spotting or breakthrough bleeding.

Norethisterone and weight gain

This medication can cause weight gain in some people. The increase in progestogen hormones can cause fluid retention and bloating leading to weight gain in some people.
However, not all people who take this medication will experience weight gain and some people may even experience weight loss. The side effects experienced and any weight loss or weight gain varies from person to person. Other factors such as diet and exercise, can also affect weight gain.
When taken for a short course (up to 17 days) it is highly unlikely it will lead to any weight gain. If you are taking this medication for a prolonged period of time for other reasons such as heavy periods or PMT, you should contact your doctor to discuss your treatment options.

Period delay tablets and mood swings

When used for period delay it is highly unlikely to cause any changes to your mood. However some women when taking hormonal pills have reported depression or depressed mood. This can be serious and lead to suicidal thoughts. If you experience any changes to your mood or suicidal thoughts contact your doctor as soon as possible.

Norethisterone and pregnancy

It is important to note that this medication only prevents your womb lining from shedding. It is still possible for you to get pregnant while taking this medicaiton, therefore to avoid unexpected pregnancies you must use another form of contraception such as condoms. If you become pregnant while taking this medication you should top taking them immediately as they should not be taken while pregnant as they can affect the unborn baby.

Norethisterone and breastfeeding

Only take this medication while taken breastfeeding after a discussion with your doctor. Be aware that it can suppress lactation and alter milk composition.

Norethisterone and fertility

This medication will not affect your fertility levels. While you are taking this medication it is still possible for you to get pregnant, use another form of contraception while taking this medication as taking this medication while pregnant can cause birth defects.

When to start taking Norethisterone tablets

You need to start taking the tablets 3 days before your period is due to start, if your period has already started then it is too late to start taking Utovlan.
A blood pressure test before starting is HIGHLY recommended.

Who should not take period delay tablets?

Norethisterone has been found to be safe for most women and is well tolerated. However it may not be suitable if you:

  1. Have previously been diagnosed with breast cancer
  2. Have previously been diagnosed with genital cancer
  3. Have a history of jaundice during preganncy
  4. Have severe vascular disease
  5. Have suffered with liver problems
  6. If you are or could be pregnant
  7. If you are breastfeeding
  8. Previously had history with blood clots
  9. Have had a recent stroke
  10. Recently had angina
  11. Have abnomal bleeding

If you have risk factors for venous thromboembolism such as:

  1. Previous deep vein thrombosis (DVT) or pulmonary embolism (PE)
  2. Family history of DVT or PE
  3. Obesity
  4. Inhertied clotting disorders

You should use Norethisterone or other period delay tablets with extreme caution.

Norethisterone side effects

The side effects of this medication tend to be minimal and tend to be mild, especially when you are only taking the tablets for a week or two. Any side effects expierenced will likely go away when you stop taking the tablets. Some of the main mild side effects experienced are:

  1. Nausea (feeling sick)
  2. Breast tenderness
  3. Abdominal cramps
  4. Bloating
  5. Fluid retention
  6. Acne

The chance of experiencing any side effects mentioned will be generally low however it will vary from person to person. If you experience any mentioned or any not mentioned and are worried you can contact us, your pharmacist or talk to your doctor. More serious side effects which are very rare include increases in cardiovascular problems such as an increased risk of blood clots, strokes and deep-vein thrombosis (DVT). Be aware of any signs of more servere side effects while using this medicaiton such as:

  1. Blurred vision
  2. Nosebleeds
  3. Shortness of breath
  4. Chest pain
  5. Dizziness
  6. Swelling in the lower legs
  7. Headaches
  8. Blood in your urine (pee)
  9. Coughing up blood
  10. Paliptations (irregular heartbeats)
  11. Blurred vision

It is a good idea to get your blood pressure checked and keep an eye on your blood pressure while you take this medication. If you notice any of the above symptoms contact your doctor immediately.
If you notice any signs of jaundice such as:

  1. Yellowing of the skin
  2. Yellowing of the whites of the eyes
  3. Fever

Contact your doctor immediately.
If you have an allergic reaction and exhibit any serious signs of an allergic reactions such as:

  1. Rash or hives
  2. Swelling, especially of the face, lips, tongue, or throat
  3. Difficulty breathing or swallowing
  4. Chest tightness
  5. Wheezing or coughing
  6. Nausea, vomiting, or diarrhea
  7. Dizziness or fainting
  8. Itching or tingling in the mouth or throat

It is important to seek immediate medical attention as these symptoms are serious and could potentially be life-threatening.

What should I do if I miss a dose?

If you forget to take a dose, take it as soon as you remmeber unless it is time to take your next dose. If it is time for your next dose skip the missed dose and continue taking the tablets as normal. Do not take a double dose to make up for a missed dose.
If you frequently miss doses of medication you may want to find ways to help you remember. This can be things such as setting reminders on your phone, adding them to a calendar, using a medication reminder app, adding reminders to Google Home or Alexa or getting a pill or dosette box.
Missing multiple doses may cause your periods to restart and you will not be able to stop them, so it is important you try to remember to take your medication.

How quickly will Norethisterone work?

This depends on what you are taking it for. If you are taking it for the purposes of delaying your period then it will being working within a few hours of the first dose. However taking it for anything else such as PMT it may take a few weeks for it to have an effect.

Can Norethisterone 5mg be used to treat menopausal symptoms?

These tablets alone are not used to treat menopausal symptoms. Its active ingredient norethisterone when combined with oestrogen can be used as HRT which can help treat some of the symptoms associated with the menopause.

Norethisterone interactions

The following medicines may interact with Norethisterone:

  1. Epilepsy medication such as phenobarbital, phenytoin, carbamazepine
  2. St John's wort
  3. Modafinil
  4. Aminoglutethimide
  5. Cancer treatments
  6. Certain antibiotics
  7. HIV medication
  8. Non-steroidal anti-inflammatories such as ibuprofen - may cause fluid retention

If you would like a full list of drug interactions with Norethisterone you can find them here: Norethisterone interactions

More Norethisterone information

If you would like more information on, you can find the SPC here

Utovlan 5mg tablets ingredients

The ingredients will vary from brand to brand but may include:
Active ingredient: Norethisterone
Other ingredients: Maize starch, polyvidone, magnesium stearate, lactose monohydrate
If you allergic to any of the ingridents listed above please contact your doctor before you start taking or think of taking this medication. The amount of lactose they contain is 62.5mg.

Norethisterone FAQs

  • What is the maximum length of time that I can delay my period?

    You can delay your period for up to a maximum of 17 days.

  • Are there any long term effects of taking delaying my period?

    It is safe to take period delay tablets for a short length of time to delay your period. Do not delay your period for longer than 17 days. Your periods should restart as normal 2-4 days after you stop taking the tablets. If you do not bleed after 2-4 days contact your GP as you may be pregnant.

  • Will Norethisterone 5mg tablets protect me against pregnancy?

    No they will not act as a contraceptive. Either use another form of protection such as condoms or you could possibly take the combined oral contraceptive pill and take them back-to-back.

  • On what day of my cycle should I start taking Norethisterone?

    You should take the tablets three days before your period is due. If you are taking them for the first time, you may want to start them a bit earlier to see if you get any side effects which may affect you if you were on holiday for example.

  • At what age can I delay my period?

    Women of child birthing age can delay their period, to purchase them from Hightown Pharmacy you will need to be at least 18 or older.

  • Is it safe to buy period delay tablets from your pharmacy?

    We are a General Pharmaceutical Council (GPhC) registered pharmacy and we source all our pharmaceutical products from reputable wholesalers, the same wholesalers that provide the medicines used to fill NHS prescriptions.
    If you buy them from an unregistered pharmacy you may be wasting your money at best or at worse harm yourself buying and taking fake tablets. Always check to make sure where you are buying them from are registered with the GPhC.

  • Do Norethisterone tablets expire?

    Norethisterone, like most medicines has a shelf life and will become less effective if it is left unused. Always check the expiry date of any medicines you are taking before you take them. If you find your medicine has expired, you can post them to us, bring them to us or take them to your nearest pharmacy for safe disposal.

  • How should I store Norethisterone?

    Norethisterone should be stored in a dry area below 25°C and kept out of direct sunlight. Storing the tablets incorrectly could result in the tablets becoming less effective.

  • Will Norethisterone work?

    They will almost always delay your period.

  • How quickly will Norethisterone work?

    It depends what you are taking it for, if you are taking for the purposes of period delay it will work within a few hours of taking the first pill. For other reasons such as premenstrual tension or heavy or irregular bleeding it may take a few weeks to see an effect.

  • Who shouldn't take Norethisterone tablets?

    These tablets should not be taken by those with a liver condition, those who have previously been diagnosed with breast or genital cancer, have a previous history of strokes, if you are or could be pregnant, if you are breastfeeding, have had a recent stroke or angina attack and in those who have had abnormal bleeding. It should be used with caution in those who are predisposed to DVT or PE, obese or have an inherited clotting disorder.

  • Can I take Utovlan tablets while pregnant or breastfeeding?

    No these tablets should not be taken while pregnant. If you take these tablets while pregnant you may cause birth defects in your unborn baby. Always be sure you are not pregnant when thinking of delaying your period by taking a pregnancy test. Only take these tablets while breastfeeding after a discussion with your doctor. This medication may suppress lactation and alter your milks composition

  • Can I take Norethisterone with alcohol?

    Yes it is fine to drink alcohol alongside taking Norethisterone.

  • Can I buy Norethisterone tablets over the counter?

    No they must be prescribed, any site that claims to sell them without a consultation first could be selling fake or harmful medicines.

  • Can I delay my period naturally?

    Currently there are no proven natural methods to delay your periods.

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